Organic Lawn Care in Richardson

Richardson Organic Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Programs

Clean Air Lawn Care’s goal is to build and maintain gorgeous lawns using safe, environment and family-friendly methods. Our Richardson organic lawn fertilization and treatment programs are a combination of organic fertilizers, eco-friendly pre-emergent weed control, and micro-organism soil builders. The option to customize your organic lawn fertilizer program is a great way to ensure that we cater to the unique aspects and possible conditions specific to your lawn.

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Safe, Chemical-Fee Lawn Care – Customized Organic Fertilization

Our custom treatment programs feature a blend of microbe-rich soil builder that promotes healthy, long-lasting growth of your grass. Along with our organic liquid fertilizer and organic granular, you can enjoy less watering and overall maintenance. Our Richardson organic lawn fertilization programs will transform your lawn.

Soil Testing

All treatment customers are required to have one soil test completed every year at minimal cost to the customer.  This test will help us to customize the treatment of your lawn and make sure we are providing the exact nutritional blend it requires.

Richardson Organic Lawn Fertilization Program Tiers

Tier One – Fertilizer Only:

Tier one is our most basic plan.  Our organic fertilizer will feed your yard and enrich your soil to promote a healthy yard.  This is a great start for any lawn.

  • Three organic fertilizer applications – Spring, Summer, and Fall
  • All other services and/or treatments will be charged on an a la carte basisrichardson organic lawn fertilization used on green lawn
  • Can be amortized over 12 months for a low monthly rate or paid after each application.

Tier Two – Fertilizer and Weed Control*:

The tier two plan is our gold standard plan.  This is the plan that started it all.  With this plan, you receive the benefits of organic fertilizer and regular weed control visits to further encourage a healthy yard.

  • Three visits with fertilizer applications with weed control – Spring, Summer, and Fall
  • Five visits with weed control and maintenance – February, March, May, August, December
    • Each weed control visit includes a follow up 7-10 days later to check the progress
    • Weed control in beds not included but can be added
  • All other services and/or treatments will be charged on an a la carte basis
  • Payment – must be amortized over 12 months

    *Our approach to Weed Control:

    Because we primarily use only organic products, our normal approach is to spot spray weeds and hand pull weeds as they show up but also to approach weed control in a more holistic way overall.

    By making your yard healthier, we allow it to take over the weeds in many cases preventing them from spreading. By getting to weeds before they drop seeds, we prevent many of them from reappearing the following year.

    We work with you on grass height and watering to do everything we can to inhibit weed growth. Ours is not a quick fix for overall weed elimination, but a weed control and management approach all designed to give you the healthiest lawn in the neighborhood.

    The one exception to this is the mild chemical Certainty which is only used on grassy weeds such as poiana and dallisgrass and ONLY by special customer request.  We will never use this product on any lawn without prior approval and discussion with the client.  Details and specifications on this product are available on request.

    **For full Lawn Maintenance customers weed control is included in your regular lawn care visits.